Criminal Law


Legal Services Offered In

State Crimes including

  • Charges involving drugs, assaults, DWI's

  • Revocations of probation and revocations of parole.

Municipal court offenses including

  • Traffic violations



Presumption of Innocence

In our American criminal justice system, every person arrested for an alleged crime is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. What that means is that the state or federal prosecutor must prove with evidence that the person arrested is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.



The Defense

The judicial process in a criminal case will usually begin with the filing of a complaint in court. There are several steps in the process to ensure that the accused person is provided with notice of the criminal charge and the opportunity to request a trial by a jury which will decide if the criminal charge has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Although it is obligation of the state or federal prosecutor to prove that the accused is guilty, there are some defenses provided by the law that may be applicable, depending on the facts of each case.

If the prosecution fails to prove a case against the accused, either because their evidence was insufficient or the accused had a valid legal defense, the accused should be acquitted.

Daniel Ramirez represents clients in the defense of state criminal cases in Texas as well as in federal criminal cases.


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