The Approach


Winning is About Strategy

In fighting a legal battle, strategy based on experience is a key element in winning. Many times a case is lost if the lawyer does not strategize how the client’s case will ultimately be presented at a trial, especially since the opposing party will dispute the evidence of the client’s case.

During his 42 year legal career, Daniel Ramirez has handled many civil and criminal cases which have disposed of by either by a jury trial or a bench trial. His success in winning cases depends much on using strategy in the development and final presentation of the case.



The Client’s Case


A lawyer's commitment to the client's case lays the foundation for a successful outcome.



A lawyer’s experience provides the extra skill to build a successful case. 



A lawyer’s focus on a client’s case is required to successfully develop the essential elements of the case.



A lawyer should use strategy in the development and presentation of a client’s case to increase the probabilities of reaching a successful goal.


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